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how i earn 8 figures monthly

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YT 8 Figures MonthlyYT 8 Figures Monthly
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  • Gloria Ukachukwu
    My name is Gloria Ukachukwu, and I am one of the beneficiaries of tha La Buena Vida Project, under the mentorship of Amb. Didi.

    Right before I came in contact with this organisation, I have always wanted to go into Entrepreneurship and of course have a good life which includes travelling round the world.

    I have tried my hands on so many things but with an open mind to opportunities, miraculously I came in contact with Amb Didi, she became not just a friend but a mentor. After series of trainings and mentorship, i am glad to say that she had a major impact to my success.

    With her mentorship, i have been able to travel outside the country, I am not struggling anymore, I have people under my mentorship, that am training to be like me and more.

    I rose from a 6 figure earner to a 7 figure earner and I dont really know what else I will be doing that will enable me achieve that feat.

    In essence, If you trully seek financial freedom, then get a great mentor to lead you to it. Amb Didi is a great leader and mentor. So if you ever have an opportunity be mentored by her, don't play with it.
    Gloria Ukachukwu
    Didi Africa Mentee
  • My name is Jerry Aniobi, and I’m one of the beneficiaries of La Buena Vida project, under the mentorship of Amb. Didi Nwala.

    Prior to joining this organization, I’ve always had the dream to travel around the world, have more options and have more time for the things I loved to do, but all I ever dreamt of turned into a mirage because I found myself struggling financially.

    After my youth service in 2016, I looked for a good-paying job but couldn’t find one. I started working at building sites and doing other related jobs in the building industry, but I still found myself struggling financially with little or no time for myself.

    In my quest for a better opportunity, I met Amb. Didi. I was subjected to an intensive mentorship training, under her supervision.

    My first huge success in my business was recorded in my sixth month. In my sixth month, I was already earning in 6 digits, bought myself a car and also set up an online business from the proceeds. In my eighteenth month, I qualified and travelled on my first ever vacation abroad, all expenses paid. Right now, I’ve been actively building my business for 3 to 4 years now and I have a team of over 5,000 connectors worldwide.

    I am already a monthly 7 figure earner in the business and I’ve been able to successfully mentor one monthly millionaire.

    Finally, if you ever have the opportunity to get under her mentorship, grab it with both hands!
    Jerry Aniobi
    Didi Africa Mentee
  • Miracle Morgan
    I am Miracle Morgan. I struggled a lot financially even though I am very hardworking and ambitious. My ambitious nature drove me into getting involved with a lot of businesses then I decided to go get a masters degree to see how I could get better paying jobs.

    Fast forward to my encounter with Didi Nwala. We met during National Youth Service. She educated me so much about the infinite possibilities with the connected economy. Just 5 months down the line, through her mentorship and guidance, I went on an international all expenses paid trip, grew in ranks and began to grow a large business.

    In less than 2 years, I now earn in 7 figures monthly and I have many others under my mentorship who earn in 6 figures monthly. I have been able to buy my car and life is a lot better, more fun and splendid for me.

    I am excited about who I am right now. So for others out there who may get lucky to have her mentorship, I urge you to put your mind to it 100% and take it with all seriousness.

    Miracle Morgan
    Didi Africa Mentee

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